Karla Hiravi RN, BSN | Director of Clinical Audits and Appeals

Karla Hiravi

Vice President, Clinical Resources

Karla is the Vice President, Clinical Resources at AppealsMasters, the appeal service group of the PayerWatch family. Karla has a wealth of experience from her 30+ years as a registered nurse that allowed her to experience first hand the impact that denials have on our nation’s hospitals. Prior to her present role, she held numerous positions in the healthcare industry. Some of the highlights in her career included working as a Clinical Documentation Specialist, managing a highly successful Clinical Documentation Improvement Department, building a Medical Oncology Research Program, and building a multimillion dollar Denials and Appeals Program. Karla is passionate about making sure that our hospitals are paid for the work that they do. To that end, she has written hundreds, if not thousands, of appeals and presented dozens of cases at the hearing level. In her current role, she works as an educator and enjoys teaching how to write winning appeals. She is responsible for the quality of appeals produced by PayerWatch, and is often a co-presenter for PayerWatch's webinars that reach a national audience. Karla is a current member of ACMA and AHIMA.