Intersect Healthcare Names Tracey Tomak, RHIA, PMP as Director of Project Management and Client Engagement

Intersect Healthcare is pleased to welcome Tomak to their team. In this new role, she will help improve service and equip medical facilities to recover greater revenue. She brings over 20 years of experience in hospital revenue cycle where she lead the clinical, coding and billing compliance audit and denial activities.

May 1, 2018, Towson, MD—Intersect Healthcare, a leading developer of Payer Compliance, Audit & Denial Management software for healthcare providers, announced Tracey Tomak as its Director of Project Management and Client Engagement. Prior to joining Intersect Healthcare, Tomak served as the Director of Clinical Denial Prevention and Revenue Cycle Compliance for R1 RCM at St. Vincent Health in Indiana. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information Administration from Indiana University.

Brian McGraw, Intersect Healthcare’s Co-founder, President & CEO, said, “We’re so pleased to welcome Tracey Tomak to our team. We are committed to helping hospitals fight to recover more revenue. At the same time, we want to lift that burden by helping our clients get up and running without frustration. Tracey is the right person to partner with our clients and be sure they are both happy and successful.”

As the Director of Project Management and Client Engagement, Tomak will be the key driver of project implementation from the point of sales and initial contact to when Intersect Healthcare’s Veracity software becomes live for the client. She will actively engage clients to ensure they are using the product in the most effective way for their operations. Tomak will work directly with current clients to further discover what they like about the Veracity software process, the product itself, and to seek feedback for future enhancements. Her goal is to ensure Intersect Healthcare’s clients are fully utilizing the Veracity software in order to effectively manage commercial and government audits and denials.

In March 2018, Tomak received her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. She also received her RHIA certification in 1997. She is an active member of AHIMA, IHIMA, and NAHRI. Additionally, Tomak has spoken at various hospital revenue cycle events on a local and national level. She most recently presented at NAHRI’s inaugural conference in 2017. Tomak shared, “I have a passion for sharing knowledge among my peers in the revenue cycle community. It is my belief that it is in our collective best interest to come together to determine best practice for dealing with denials and how we can most effectively appeal within our provider rights and responsibilities.”

With over 20 years of experience in hospital revenue cycle and working with denial and audit activity, Tomak understands the challenges of her clients. “I put myself in their shoes to understand what their current burdens are and what their wish lists might be as a result,” said Tomak. She added, “I’m not a traditional ‘tech’ person and I am grateful to clients who recognize this and have welcomed me as an audit and denial response subject matter expert. It is always a pleasure to hear the relief our clients convey when they see first-hand just how the Intersect Healthcare team aims to equip and educate their users to tailor the software in a way that is best for them. Our support team is responsive and flexible, allowing clients to avoid becoming bogged down or restricted by technical issues.”

Tomak experienced the concerns of Intersect Healthcare’s clients first-hand. After using other revenue recovery software, she realized many of the limitations and how it can negatively impact the success of the organization. With Veracity, hospitals and health providers get the most comprehensive and flexible system available.

“Veracity is a one-stop shop. With other software, we felt the burden was still on the client/provider to seek out the most current appeal parties, addresses, timeframes, and contract limitations. Reporting was a time-consuming task and often did not yield the results we were looking to gather for our decision-making players in the payer management department and c-suite. Veracity removes these burdens and positions our clients to achieve their end result much faster,” said Tomak. She went on to say “a huge selling point is Veracity’s flexibility. Our clients can tailor the system to fit their needs. Other vendors don’t offer the same scope or level of flexibility.”

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