Intersect Healthcare to Present its Suite of Payer Compliance, Audit & Denial Management Software at the 90th Annual AHIMA Convention and Exhibit

Intersect Healthcare invites all healthcare leaders and revenue cycle professionals to join them September 22-26, 2018, at AHIMA booth 219. Learn how the VERACITY software suite offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing audits, revenue risks, denials, and appeals.

September 20, 2018, Towson, MD—Intersect Healthcare, the leader in Payment Compliance, Audit & Denial Management software for hospitals and health systems, announced it will be presenting its full suite of VERACITY™ revenue recovery software at the 90th AHIMA Convention and Exhibit.

Intersect Healthcare is the pioneer and leading developer of online solutions for managing audits, denials, and appeals. Its VERACITY™ software suite is a business process, denial/audit workflow management and appeal communication tool designed to help providers accelerate their response to commercial denials and regulatory audits, as well as identify their underlying causes. VERACITY™ delivers improved denial and audit resolution to hospitals and other healthcare service providers. VERACITYä is used by over 400 hospitals and health systems nationwide to recover revenue from tens of thousands of payer audits and denials each year.

Brian McGraw, Intersect Healthcare CEO, stated, “We love the AHIMA conventions and have participated and presented at the expo in the past. We are more passionate than ever about helping healthcare providers fight for their rights against payers and win back more revenue. Our hospital clients are better equipped to reduce denials and win more appeals.”

Healthcare professionals tasked with writing appeals and improving their revenue cycle can meet with the AppealMasters staff during the convention. AppealMasters is a team of highly specialized clinical and coding revenue recovery experts. They assist healthcare providers in responding to every kind of government and commercial appeal and help manage the appeal process. As one of the leading appeal educators in the U.S, hospitals and healthcare providers trust the AppealMasters experts to guide them in achieving successful appeals while also saving time and resources, and simplifying the appeal process.

Intersect Healthcare will be hosting the popular “Whac-An-Auditor” game during the expo. Participants are encouraged to stop by and compete to win prizes for their favorite charity or themselves.

To learn more about Intersect Healthcare or AppealMasters, please visit or call (410) 252-4343