PayerWatch Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

At PayerWatch, our primary goal is to assist hospitals and healthcare systems navigate the complex process of denial and appeal management. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients maximize revenue. Our Veracity™ software and AppealMasters™ services offer industry leading assistance throughout all levels of the complex denial and appeal processes. 

Veracity™ Software 

Our Veracity™ Software, offers a powerful, innovative platform designed to streamline denial and appeal management processes. This software equips healthcare organizations with the technology to track, manage, and mitigate denials in real-time. With user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and cutting-edge features, Veracity Software is a robust solution that helps in minimizing data errors, promoting best practices, and keeping your denial management strategies updated with the latest regulatory shifts and payer policies. 

AppealMasters™ Services 

AppealMasters™ services consists of a team of specialists, who work tirelessly to navigate and comprehend the intricacies of denial and appeal management. Our team provides hands-on assistance to hospitals and healthcare systems across the country. With an extensive understanding of policy variations and potential pitfalls in the denial and appeal phase, AppealMasters™ offers invaluable guidance, training, and support to your staff. Our team works directly with hospital and healthcare systems to build effective strategies, resolve denial issues swiftly, and ultimately boost revenue recovery. 

Utilizing our specialized Veracity™ software and AppealMasters™ services makes it easy to track, manage, and gain a complete view of the entire denial and appeal process. Hospitals and healthcare systems who trust in PayerWatch receive an unmatched competitive advantage when it comes to preventing denials and winning appeals.   

Contact one of our experts today to learn how PayerWatch can help your healthcare organization maximize revenue and streamline your denial and appeals processes.  

Customer Testimonials

Jill Forgey, RN, BSN, MBA

Director of Revenue Integrity - Erlanger Health System

"The beautiful thing about Veracity is the denial and audit activity reporting. Most vendors will help get you up and running and that's it, the help stops. It became clear early on that the PayerWatch team sticks with us. They provide the technology and expertise which is so important to me."