AHDAM Virtual Winter Workshops!

We are thrilled to announce AHDAM Virtual Winter Workshops. Spanning late January and early February 2024, these interactive sessions are designed to be informative and educational sessions led by field experts who will dive deep into crucial topics that are vital to understand the complex and ever-changing nature of the denial and appeal management process.


Please join us for the following workshop tracks:


Clinical Validation Denials and Appeals (January 23rd and 24th)

Join us as Karla Hiravi and Christi Drum dive into the importance of understanding clinical validation as it relates to denials and appeals. This workshop presents a unique opportunity to enrich your understanding of the clinical validation process in today’s ever evolving denials and appeals landscape.


Medical Necessity (January 25th and 26th)

Join Denise Wilson and Dr. James Cartwright for our Medical Necessity workshop. This session offers indispensable insights into successfully appealing medical necessity, level of care, and patient status denials from commercial and government payers.


Coding Denials and Appeals (January 30th and 31st)

Dive into the intricacies of coding denials and appeals with Christi Drum, Deb Smith, Karla Hiravi, and Michelle Sartelle.  Enhance your ability to navigate complex coding denials and learn practical strategies to overcome common coding denial challenges.


Revenue Cycle (February 1st and 2nd)

Unravel the Revenue Cycle with insights from Brian McGraw and Dr. Kendall Smith. The Revenue Cycle workshop is designed to help healthcare professionals manage and optimize the financial processes that drive their organizations.


Join us for these powerful learning experiences, and step into 2024 equipped with the knowledge and skills to elevate your institution’s healthcare management. Do not miss out – mark your calendars now.

Registration for the workshops will open on November 15th, 2023. More information will be provided shortly. We look forward to seeing you in 2024!




Denise Wilson, MS, RN, RRT

James Cartwright, MD

Karla Hiravi, BSN, RN

Christi Drum, BSN, RN, CCDS, CCS

Deb Smith, CCS

Michelle Sartelle, RHIA, CCS, CPC-A, RRT

Kendall Smith, MD

Brian McGraw


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The Association of Healthcare Denial and Appeal Management (AHDAM) provides ongoing training and resources for all health care providers nationwide. AHDAM offers extensive training and education in denial and appeal management. Led by an expert team of denial and appeal management physicians, nurses, coders and attorneys.

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Webinar: Successfully Defending Outpatient Authorization Denials

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

2 PM Eastern Time

Successfully Defending Outpatient Authorization Denials

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 | 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (ET)

Summary: Obtaining preauthorization for outpatient services is vitally important in avoiding denials. But, even when preauthorization is obtained, denials can still occur. Denial and appeal management professionals must become experts in navigating the sea of outpatient preauthorization processes, denials, and appeals. Join us as experts in the field discuss ways to prevent authorization denials, how to hold payers accountable for delayed decisions, and strategies to defend outpatient authorization denials.

At the conclusion of the webinar, the learner will be able to:

Self-report they can identify one way to help prevent outpatient authorization denials, one way to hold payers accountable for delayed decisions, and a successful strategy to employ when appealing outpatient authorization denials.

At conclusion of the webinar, at least 90% of participants will share on the evaluation:

  1. The ability to identify one way to help prevent outpatient authorization denials
  2. Identification of one way to hold a payer accountable for delayed decisions
  3. Identification of a successful strategy to appeal outpatient authorization denials


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Denise Wilson MS, RN, RRT

President | Association for Healthcare Denial and Appeal Management

Senior Vice President | PayerWatch – AppealMasters

Reggie Allen, MBA, RN, ACM

Chief, Clinical/Business Operations | PayerWatch + AppealMasters


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PayerWatch AppealMasters Experts are Passionate About Making the Payers Pay

Our industry‐leading customer service is available to help and support everything you need to succeed in this incredibly challenging payer-provider environment. The PayerWatch staff are experts in medical necessity, clinical validation/CDI, coding, contracts, and legal protections who deeply understand the issues at hand and can help solve your denial, audit, and payer challenges. You get a serious, educated collaborative, and expert partner. Our Veracity and AppealMasters teams build close working relationships with your staff, who share in the service mission to improve processes and payment outcomes together.

Brian McGraw | Founder & Chief Product Officer
Brian is a fierce advocate for hospitals and health systems. He consults with and educates revenue cycle and utilization management leaders throughout the U.S.
rick scott
Rick Scott | President & CEO
Rick is dedicated to building and maintaining long-term relationships with hospitals, health systems, and physicians.
Denise Wilson, MS, RN, RRT | Senior Vice President, Clinical Appeal Services
Denise Wilson | Senior Vice President, Clinical Appeal Services
Denise leads appeals with thirty years of experience in healthcare, including clinical management, education, compliance, and appeal writing.

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